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Imagine living life like this…

You’re energized & happy. You move through your day with ease. You feel emotionally balanced to handle life’s messiness with grace & confidence. You’re nourished. You sense the first signs of things being off in your body, and know exactly what to do. You give yourself what you need. 

Empowering, isn’t it?  Well, most people don’t feel like this. 

In today’s over-scheduled, overstimulated world, do you…

  • Really make time for your wellness?
  • Feel like you’re doing so much “healthy stuff” but still not feeling great
  • Disregard your symptoms, until you become stressed & sick?
  • Rely on quick fixes to treat symptoms without addressing the root cause?
  • Feel unclear & unsure of what to do if you don’t feel good in your tummy, beauty, sleep, female cycles, immunity, and heart?

I used to feel that way. But I found a way to turn it around for myself, and hundreds of women, which inspired me to create Recipes, Remedies & Rituals. Learn how to tap into the guidance of your body to become clear, self-reliant, and effective in your wellness!

get into the driver’s seat of your health!

impactful & easy to use wellness approaches

As an MD & Wellness Lifestyle expert, I believe we can empower ourselves to heal and transform – in a way no health practitioner can do for us – by shifting our patterns into better ones. 

What if it was your pattern to live well? 

The best place to anchor a healthy lifestyle is regular use of (practical and accessible) healing tools along with simple ingredients from nature. 

If it’s simple, we will use it. If we use it, it becomes a habit. And habits form a lifestyle.

Anchor your new patterns with Recipes, Remedies & Rituals, where I share my personal compendium for prevention & healing to support your immunity, digestion, skin, hair, sleep, vagina, and emotional experience.

What's inside

Content overview

This course is a collection of tools and practices I adapted from Ayurveda to be practical and easy. You will feel the self-growth, healing, and empowerment from this lifestyle approach.  

This is a leading-edge translation of Ayurveda that is easily customizable to fit your specific needs. You won’t find the perspectives I’m presenting anywhere else!


My inspiration, my hopes for you, and how
to best engage with this content.

Cold remedies

Ways to support our immune systems, and
heal from a cold.

Digestive remedies

Relieve bloating, heartburn, constipation
and inflammation.


Herbal washes, edible face masks, body and face oils to bring out your best skin.


Elixirs, self massage, and sensory supports
to release tension and sleep well.

Hair remedies

Remedies for damaged hair, new growth, dry scalp and split ends.

Womens care recipes

Recipes for vaginal health, young eggs, sex self care and breast care balm.

Wellness rituals

My favorite rituals for clearing, transforming,
attracting and feeling beauty within.

Shopping lists & recipes

Quick links and lists for easy reference and access.

wellness isn't always easy.

But Ayurveda is very effective – even when practiced imperfectly. Get practical applicable approaches & tools – always available, for when YOU need it most.


What you get

  • Simple recipes for self care & beauty
  • Natural remedies, relatively safe for all ages 
  • Accessible personal rituals you won’t find anywhere
  • Earth-friendly, nontoxic approaches
  • A clear guide on what’s important to focus on in each part of your wellness, from digestion to hair
  • User friendly content that is readily accessible 
  • the healing benefits of each ingredient


  • Save time with my product recommendations
  • Save $ with my promo codes from quality companies
  • Conveniently accessible from my free App 
  • Easy reference shopping lists accessible from the App while you shop and make remedies
  • Unique, comprehensive content you won’t find anywhere else – literally everything you need for your everyday wellness!

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light plan

Price: $99

  • Easy to understand, self-guided video lessons
  • Conveniently accessible through a free App (iPhone & Android) 
  • Lifetime access including future updates
  • Remedies for every budget
  • Shopping lists & recipes for quick and easy reference

premium plan

Price: $499

Everything in Light Plan plus ...

  • Learn to modify or clarify anything for your specific needs directly with Dr. Siva Mohan
  • Ongoing live Q&A’s with Siva for less than the cost of a private session; different times slots to fit your schedule
  • Limited capacity to guarantee your access to Dr. Siva’s expertise


what people are saying

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Thousands of my clients and students are using my East-West Mind-Body version of Ayurveda approach to feel better and deepen their experience into a lifestyle. Here’s what a few had to say:

a lifelong resource

Get clear, get tools, and get support for your new pattern of empowered wellness.

Meet your teacher

Siva Raakhi Mohan, MD MPH AHE

Hi, I’m Dr. Siva! I offer a unique approach to a wellness lifestyle by blending Ayurveda, emotional health, and modern science. As an MD (Psychiatry) and with a background in health behavior change and education, I present an empowering East-West Mind-Body version of Ayurveda. I guide my audience to build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and clean life energetics. 

But honestly, my greatest qualification is not what I’ve done or where I’ve studied. It’s the transformation I’ve had in my own health and support for others. 

While working globally with private clients for over 10 years and as a U.N. Social Affairs Officer, I observed that across cultures and continents, we are leading lives set up for chronic disease. Even educated, active people are missing the basics of wellness. This was true, even for me. 

Despite my vast knowledge of health, I still couldn’t figure out how to feel healthy. My game-changer was creating a clear structure to evaluate and support my wellness lifestyle, which I did with Ayurveda. 

My work abroad exposed me to the power of plants, indigenous medicine systems, and rituals across the globe, and ultimately, Ayurveda. I spent the next decade trying out the most effective recipes, remedies, and rituals. I started feeling so good and so healthy that I began sharing it with family, friends, and clients. The positive response inspired me to create Recipes, Remedies & Rituals – an easy-to-understand resource to support a powerfully preventive lifestyle.  

In addition to several online courses, I offer private sessions, wrote a book, and created an App for easy access and reference to my content, including Recipes, Remedies & Rituals.

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