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They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So true. Kudos to you for taking an important first step to making a shift toward living a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the free lesson!

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I hope you find my content easy to digest, and apply! If you do, there are over 30 more beautiful and impactful recipes, remedies, and rituals waiting for you. We cover everything a woman needs to feel well, beautiful, and grounded. And, the content is there for you time and time again. 

What’s amazing is that you don’t have to do an online course. As you access the remedies which you need, when you need them, you will organically learn. 

Over time, the recipes and approaches become part of your habits, and you’ve naturally stepped into a lifestyle of using natural remedies as a first line response to what you are feeling in your body. 

Natural remedies are accessible to everyone.
A healthy lifestyle is the most powerful prevention. And prevention is the best medicine.

The best part is that the content is conveniently accessible in an App. So you can access the recipes while in the grocery store, or quickly find a remedy on your phone. 

Not only is this content unique, I’m the only Wellness Lifestyle expert with an App to deliver content on mobile. 

What's inside

Content overview

This course is a collection of recipes, remedies, and rituals of Ayurveda adapted for the western world. I use practical and accessible healing tools along with simple ingredients from nature to support immunity, digestion, skin, hair, sleep, women’s health, and emotional well-being.

The goal is that you feel the self-growth, healing, and empowerment that my clients and I have from this Ayurvedic lifestyle approach.

It’s a unique, leading-edge translation of Ayurveda. You won’t find the perspectives I’m presenting anywhere else!


My inspiration, my hopes for you, and how
to best engage with this content.

Cold remedies

Ways to support our immune systems, and
heal from a cold.

Digestive remedies

Relieve bloating, heartburn, constipation
and inflammation.


Herbal washes, edible face masks, body and face oils to bring out your best skin.


Elixirs, self massage, and sensory supports
to release tension and sleep well.

Hair remedies

Remedies for damaged hair, new growth, dry scalp and split ends.

Womens care recipes

Recipes for vaginal health, young eggs, sex self care and breast care balm.

Wellness rituals

My favorite rituals for clearing, transforming,
attracting and feeling beauty within.

Shopping lists & recipes

Quick links and lists for easy reference and access.


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