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In stressful times, self-care becomes crucial. Natural remedies empower you with practical and easy cures that help relieve anxiety, tummy problems, sleep disorders, energy blocks and so much more.  

Recipes, Remedies, and Rituals is a compendium of content that blends Ayurveda, emotional intelligence & modern science to help you navigate difficult times, and live a more fulfilling life. 


Feeling overwhelmed by world events? Stressed out about finances? Worrying about the planet? 

You’re not alone. 

The only way to manage these challenges is to take care of yourself first. To cultivate the clarity and empowerment which comes when we listen to what our bodies are telling us, and know how to respond to feel better. 

That’s what Recipes, Remedies, and Rituals will help you do. 

These simple and practical natural “kitchen remedies” will give you specific approaches to address the first signs of stress, depletion, infection, and inflammation in the many various parts of you.

After all, the best way to cultivate good health is with ingredients found in nature – it’s better for us, and the planet

Get a feel for my teaching style  by watching this video, in which I list easy ways to combat cold symptoms with my favorite essential oils. 


What Is Recipes, Remedies, and Rituals?


A practical, relatable, and reliable tool to navigate their emotional and physical health.


Ayurveda-inspired recipes that target tissue systems and reduce any reliance on pharmaceuticals.


It’s not a course. It’s easy to access content clearly organized and available to you on your phone.

Your stress-free life starts today

Discover recipes, remedies, and rituals that support your physical and emotional health.

Tap into this collection of tools and practices adapted from Ayurveda that is easily customizable to fit your specific needs. You won’t find the perspectives I’m presenting anywhere else!

Recipes, Remedies & Rituals is truly unique, in that it encourages self-trust. 

Each time you effectively attend to a sign or symptom, you feel more empowered to care for yourself.



I’m Dr. Siva Mohan

As a health practitioner, I’ve seen firsthand how empowering it can be when they have the tools and techniques to heal and transform themselves

Recipes, Remedies & Rituals, is my contribution to women’s empowerment.  It’s a compendium of content that includes everything we need to thrive as women –  health, natural beauty, and personal ritual. 

Using these remedies, you’ll be able to shift from unhealthy physical, emotional & relational patterns into better ones. 

Most Ayurveda content focuses on dos-and-don’ts and rule based approaches to food and self care. 

Recipes, Remedies & Rituals encourages a process of checking in with your body and using that information to guide and customize which tools to use and when and how to use them. 

If you’re feeling called to harness your inner healer, join me and so many other women on this path.

I strongly believe that it will transform your life. 

My gift to you!

Get a taste of my teaching style

Do you want to get a better feel for my content? I’m happy to share a video from the course which is relevant for everyone and doesn’t require any mixing of ingredients. 

Inside it, I cover my favorite essential oils for cold care, and how to best use them. 

You’ll see the quality of the content & video, and get to know me a little. But this is only the start. My students have told me the entire course is very enlightening and a real eye-opener on how to easily & immediately reach for what you need to support your immunity, digestion, skin, hair, sleep, vagina, and peace of mind. 


what people are saying

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Thousands of my clients and students are using my East-West Mind-Body version of Ayurveda approach to feel better and deepen their experience into a lifestyle. Here’s what a few had to say:

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